We are Inspired to help and support non-resident Indians

 We are Inspired to help and support non-resident Indians


Past: In the past 100 years, Indians have emigrated to more than 150 countries in the world for education, business and jobs. Non-Resident Indian Communities are well established in many parts of the world and contribute greatly to their country of residence and its society. India as a country has benefitted hugely from this migration in terms of economy and social aspects. NRIs are directly responsible for financial growth in many parts of India. They have also contributed to the fields of culture, education, quality of life and so on...

Present: There are about 30 million NRIs living and working all over the world. Most of them have good ties with India and their families living in India. Around 10-20% of them visit India every year. They have investments, businesses and cultural ties with India.

Future: The number will grow with the current global economic and political situation and the future for NRIs is bright.

 However, there are many practical issues faced by each NRI in India. Some are as follows:

1. Difficulty in finding genuine and correct information

2. Lack of Quality Service

3. Lack of skilled labour

4. Chances of getting cheated

5. Red Tape and delays in getting services and so on.........

 Not all bad stories: There are a few good services available. For example, recent studies in Cochin, Kerala, show that one Car Rental company gives exemplary service. Each time when you call them and ask for a car or a driver, 99% of the time they turn out on or before time. As a company, it has grown from one person to 60+ employees within 5 years. It can rival any similar company in a developed country, with a highly recommendable service of course.

Analysing the situation, we decided to help NRI communities in India. This is our aim: inspiration and determination to help NRIs. 

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